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The beauty of our product lies in its simplicity. We pride ourselves on providing high quality components that let you build your own geodesic dome for a very reasonable price.

The domemade kits are made from 2 key components: the Hub System and the Nuts 'n' Bolts. You the customer then produce the Dome Struts. Our flexible approach lets you pick and choose the parts you need for your personal dome project – whether you're looking for a complete solution or just a helping hand along the way.  

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Making Connections

Building a geodesic dome can seem like a daunting challenge! There are so many things to consider... diameter, height, floor area, strut lengths and angles... where to start?! Then there is the issue of connecting the struts... do you cut hundreds of complex angles or start to design your own hubs?!


What Is a Hub System?

domemade's super simple Hub System is a ready-made solution for your own dome project.

Tried and tested on many dome structures and at several different dimensions, the domemade Hub System is a great timesaver for the budding dome-builder! Absolutely no need to brush up on your maths skills calculating angles, ratios and the like!

Comprising a series of laser cut stainless steel brackets, the domemade hub system can be used to construct a geodesic dome of any size – you just alter the lengths of your wood!

If you can chop a piece of wood and use an Allen key to tighten a bolt you can use this hub system to create your own bespoke dome.


What's in The Box?

When you order a domemade Hub System you will get 132 specially cut metal plates. that's 130 needed to build the dome – plus 2 extra (just in case!). You'll also receive the Hub System Instructions document – full of lots of advice to help you put your dome together.

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What Else Do I Need?

To build a geodesic dome you will also need 65 wooden struts and 832 assorted nuts and bolts!

To save you time, effort and potentially some money – why not consider buying a domemade Nuts 'n' Bolts Pack?


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The dome construction is fixed together using 2 kinds of Nut (Tee Nut M8 and Wing Nut M10) and 2 kinds of Bolt (Socket Bolt M8 and M10) – a whopping 832 little bits of helpful metal!

To make everyone's dome building experience as simple as possible domemade supply a Nuts 'n' Bolts kit – containing exactly the right amount of the right sized bits to work with the Hub System.


What's in The Box?

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Not only a convenient option with no wastage – the domemade Nuts 'n' Bolt kit is also cost effective. We buy in bulk and pass on the savings directly to you. Better still, if you buy a Nuts 'n' Bolts kit from domemade at the same time as a Hub System – we'll knock £20.00 of the total price! Nice ain't we?!

Head over to our Prices page for latest prices and more information. 

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Wood You Believe It?! 

30 Standard Struts and 35 Longer Struts maketh a dome! The 2 lengths of wood needed are calculated by the rather clever domemade maths monkey based on the required dimension of a customers dome.


Once the sums are done it's time to produce the 65 struts and decide your choice of wood along with the finish.

We recommend 3 by 1 ( 75mm x 25mm) be used to produce your struts, as these are readily available from any wood yard or hardware store across the UK.

A domemade Hub System metal plate is then attached to both ends of every length of wood using Tee Nuts and Socket Bolts.


Common Sizes of dome

Past customers have used our dome hub Kits to produce many sizes of dome. Three commonly chosen sizes are 4 , 5 and 6 metre diametre domes. Some information on each size is shown below.

4 metre dome: 4m diameter, 2m height, 12.36m floor space, 16.75m volume

5 metre dome: 5m diameter, 2.5m height, 19.31m floor space, 32.72m volume

6 metre dome: 6m diameter, 3m height, 27.81m floor space, 56.55m volume


Once built a dome can be adapted for a whole variety of purposes. Some popular uses are shown below. Doing something different with yours? Let us know, we'd love to feature you in our domemade blog!

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Here at domemade we know that not everyone is a standard size – if you need a bespoke size creating we will be happy to help! Our maths monkey will calculate the lengths of wood that you need. Within reason the super handy Hub System will work with any strut size up to 6 metres in diameter, so a custom made geodesign dome can still be yours at a reasonable price.

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